sobota, 31. oktober 2015

Christmas cards

My new Christmas cards will be soon available! Sneak peek for one more motive.

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petek, 30. oktober 2015

Happy Friday

Have a great weekend! I will be working, but it's good, because I love my work :)
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četrtek, 29. oktober 2015

ACEO - Art Cards Editions and Originals

I made five #ACEO so far. I wish I have more so I decided to give myself a challenge. I will be making #advent ACEO. Of course I will start in December, 1. and for the next 25 days I will draw one ACEO, finished with December, 25. So I'm a little bit nervous about that if I could handle beside all my other work. I believe that with your support I can do it! It's official now! 

✔If you are interested for this ACEO's you can write me on my mail

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sreda, 28. oktober 2015

Christmas Cards

At first I was working on my sketches and you have been seen some of them on my Instagram. It's time to finish with watercolors. So, first Christmas card is finished. Still four to go. I'm planning to be done by the end of the week. Can't wait to show you all!

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